Health Supplements Are Taking Over TikTok: How These Products Became Top Sellers

The Rise of Health Supplements on TikTok

In Week 43 of 2024, health supplements broke into TikTok’s Top 10 products in the US. ’15 Day Cleanse’ saw sales of 21,500 units that week, and by April 24, 2024, its daily sales hit 23,900 units. The buzz around health supplements is real, with FastMoss data showing total sales for the top 20 health products exceeding 4.3 million units and a GMV of $150 million.

Why Are Health Supplements So Popular?

Health awareness is skyrocketing among young Americans, driven by fast-paced lifestyles and social media influence. TikTok plays a crucial role, where influencers and health experts share tips and product recommendations, making it easier for users to make informed decisions. In fact, health-related TikTok content often combines personal experiences, educational insights, and product endorsements, drawing significant attention and trust from viewers.

Top Brands Leading the Charge

  • Milamiamor’s 15 Days Cleanse: With total sales of 1.4 million units and a revenue of $20.6 million, this product has become a TikTok sensation since its launch.

  • Micro Ingredients’ Multi Collagen Peptides Powder: Garnering 465,700 sales and $17.48 million in revenue, this Amazon brand is winning over TikTok users.

  • CleanNutra’s Sea Moss: This product has sold 276.1 units, generating $16.8 million in sales.

TikTok’s Influence on Health Trends

Health topics on TikTok, especially those endorsed by experts and influencers, generate significant user engagement. Videos often feature a mix of personal experiences, educational content, and product reviews, making them highly effective. Notably, the hashtag #healthyliving has seen millions of interactions, reflecting the platform’s role in promoting health awareness.

Health supplements are no longer just for the older generation. The younger demographic is driving demand, thanks to the influence of social media and the convenience of e-commerce. Brands can capitalize on this trend by creating easy-to-consume, on-the-go health products and leveraging TikTok for authentic engagement. TikTok’s live commerce capabilities allow brands to connect directly with consumers, showcase products in real-time, and drive significant sales.


Stay healthy, stay TikTok-savvy! 💪📱