3 FastMoss New Features for TikTok Shop Analytics! Boost Competitor Analysis Efficiency up to 80%!

To help everyone quickly understand competitor insights, store trends, and industry dynamics, FastMoss has undertaken a comprehensive upgrade to the store data analysis module this week.

This upgrade will allow users to efficiently and intuitively view each TikTok shop’s product strategies, transaction channels, and marketing dynamics on the all-new store details page.

The upgrade focuses on three main areas:

  1. Quickly grasp competitor shop sales channels and in-house account live streaming & short video sales strategies.
  2. Efficiently analyze core transaction categories in shops, recent best-sellers, and newly launched products.
  3. Directly identify top influencers for promotional collaboration and optimal video content for driving sales.

According to FastMoss’ store sales weekly ranking, health products are top-rated in the U.S. market, with two health product stores ranking first and second. The top-ranked store Milamiamor sold nearly 100,000 units in a week, with a staggering GMV of $1.7 million.

Within FastMoss’ new shop data details page, we can observe Milamiamor’s transaction channel composition and store ranking. Milamiamor’s revenue is derived 43% from cooperating merchandise influencers, with over 6800 cooperating influencers.

(sourced by FastMoss)
(sourced by FastMoss)

Through the store details page’s brand-new alliance merchandise influencer analysis module, we can visually see that the top-performing influencer in terms of merchandise sales is ‘Jenny’. This creator with approximately 300,000 to 500,000 followers, has generated over $40000 in sales and nearly $700,000 in GMV for the store, making her an ideal candidate for promoting health products. Furthermore, within this module, we can swiftly analyze and identify the store’s top merchandise influencers.

(sourced by FastMoss)
(sourced by FastMoss)

In the merchandise video material module, we can visually observe the store’s best merchandise video materials released at various time points, uncovering high-impact, high-efficiency merchandise video content and seeking creative inspiration.

(sourced by FastMoss)

By examining the sales classification proportion, it’s evident that the store’s core category is health-related products. In the past seven days, a colon-cleansing health product has sold 81,000 units, serving as Milamiamor’s core product that propelled it to the top of the U.S. store ranking.

(sourced by FastMoss)

This upgrade will empower you to have an in-depth understanding of competitor stores and the market, with store data analysis efficiency improved by 80%.

Hurry and experience the new features of FastMoss!