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Use FastMoss to make data-driven decisions and build a profitable business on TikTok. FastMoss empowers TikTok merchants, brands, content creators, advertisers, studios, and e-commerce partners including CAP (Creator Agency Partner), TSP (TikTok Shop Partner), and affiliates.

Discover the future with TikTok big data - How to boost your sales, assess product potential, monitor data of your sellers/competitors on TikTok, and more! Explore the TikTok Data Library and Notes to elevate your TikTok business performance, enhance your presence on the TikTok Seller Center, and unleash your creativity with the TikTok Creative Center.

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What can FastMoss do for you?

Discover Products

Find out the best-selling TikTok products or TikTok shops in your region during the past day, week, and month. Discover top e-commerce videos and lives in TikTok Business Center, and get an analysis of each TikTok product.

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Find Creators

Among 180M+ high-quality TikTok creators, choose those with the best TikTok e-commerce performance in the TikTok creator marketplace by TikTok followers, views and likes.

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Monitor Competitors

Know your TikTok business competitors' real-time data, products, pricing and marketing strategy and spy on them in the FastMoss TikTok seller centre

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Explore Content

Find content and inspiration in TikTok videos and lives for your TikTok content creation through viral TikTok hashtags, music and material, in the FastMoss TikTok creative centre. Get more TikTok followers, TikTok likes, TikTok views.

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Here's why the clients love FastMoss


Viva Naturals

Top Ranking US TikTok Shop

I want to contribute and encourage others to use FastMoss. It's a really awesome tool for creators who generated millions of sales for others we can find and samples for those creators as well. FastMoss is a game changer really


Jeremy the Fun Hairstylist

Top Content Creator in TikTok US

If you're a creator, you will love the list of viral products updated every single day on FastMoss, which makes it even easier to get connected with the right sellers.




It's like a mentor that understand exactly what i'm looking for as a TikTok shop creators, only does FastMoss guides me to the top selling products, but it also shows me the top affiliates for thoes products. It's kind of like having a backstage pass to success


Achievements & Award


FastMoss was honored by SourceForge as a Top Performer in social media data analytics tools for Winter 2024.



FastMoss was honored by Slashdot as a Top Performer in social media data analytics tools for Winter 2024.



Q1: What is FastMoss and why should I use it?

FastMoss is the biggest TikTok data analytics platform. The team have served more than 700,000 cross-border and global TikTok sellers and service providers. Over 70% of TikTok top 500 shop owners have chosen FastMoss to support their business.

Q2: What should I do when I cannot find the product I am looking for?

If you can't find the product, click the refresh button next to the product's name. If the problem still persists, kindly open a ticket, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you.

Q3: Can I add sub-accounts to my subscription?

Yes, FastMoss users can customize sub-accounts on the pricing page, and tailor the number of sub-accounts to exactly match your team's needs.

Q4: What are TikTok analytics tools and why are they important?

TikTok analytics tools refer to a comprehensive suite of advanced instruments tailored to dissect and illuminate the intricate landscape of user engagement, content performance, and audience demographics within the TikTok platform. These tools serve as indispensable assets for creators and businesses alike, providing invaluable insights into the effectiveness of their content strategies, the resonance of their messaging, and the composition of their audience demographics. In essence, TikTok analytics tools act as guiding beacons, directing content creators and businesses towards the shores of success by equipping them with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Q5: How do FastMoss TikTok analytics tools help creators and businesses?

FastMoss is #1 TikTok analytics tool and Tiktok data library. FastMoss TikTok analytics tools are the premier choice for creators and businesses seeking to excel on the platform. These tools offer deep insights into user engagement, content performance, and audience demographics, empowering users to refine strategies, optimize messaging, and target audiences more effectively. In essence, TikTok analytics tools serve as essential resources for TikTok creators and businesses to track their performance, understand their audience, and enhance their overall presence and impact on the platform.

Q6: What kind of data can I track with FastMoss TikTok analytics tools?

With TikTok analytics tools, You can track and optimise your performance data on the platform. This includes monitoring your TikTok follower count to gauge audience growth and engagement, analyzing TikTok hashtags to identify trending topics and maximize reach, evaluating TikTok likes to measure content engagement and resonance, to understand content sharing trends, and assessing the impact of TikTok songs on audience engagement and retention. Additionally, for businesses leveraging TikTok Shop, analytics tools enable tracking of Viral TikTok Products, SKU performance and GMV, providing insights into product sales and revenue generation. These insights empower creators and businesses to refine their strategies, target their audience more effectively, and drive success on TikTok.

Q7: Are there any free TikTok analytics tools available?

FastMoss offers a free 3-day trial for basic version, providing features like viewing influencers, stores, and videos. As the leading TikTok data analytics platform, FastMoss has served over 300,000 cross-border and global TikTok sellers and service providers. More than 70% of the top 500 TikTok shop owners have opted for FastMoss to bolster their businesses.

Q8: Can TikTok analytics tools provide insights into my audience demographics?

Absolutely! TikTok analytics tools offer robust features to provide insights into your audience demographics. Through these tools, you gain access to data like age, gender, location, and interests of your TikTok audience. Such information is invaluable for tailoring your content strategy to resonate with your audience. Armed with clear audience demographics, you can create content that aligns better with their preferences, driving higher engagement and growth on the platform.

Q9: How do I set up a store on TikTok Shop?

Here's a simple guide to setting up a store on TikTok Shop: 1. Ensure Eligibility: Check if you meet TikTok's criteria for opening a store, such as follower count or content guidelines. 2. Switch to a Business Account: Switch your TikTok account to a Business Account, usually found in account settings or the Creator Marketplace. 3. Access TikTok Shop: Navigate to the TikTok Shop section within the app, typically located in the "Settings" or "Creator" section of your account.

Q10: What types of products can be sold on TikTok Shop?

The types of products that can be sold on TikTok Shop are diverse and encompass various categories, including fashion apparel, accessories, beauty products, electronics, home goods, and lifestyle items. Fees for selling vary based on factors like product type and transaction volume. However, TikTok strives to maintain competitive fee structures to incentivize sellers while ensuring sustainable revenue generation for the platform.

Q11: How can I increase my TikTok views and engagement? How my video go Viral?

To increase TikTok views and engagement, consistently post content with trending TikTok hashtags, engage with your audience, and collaborate with other creators. Additionally, you can find trendy music from FastMoss video section with a caption and relevant hashtags.

Q12: What is the best way to download TikTok videos to my device? How can I convert TikTok videos to MP4 format?

The best way to download TikTok videos to your device is by using a reliable TikTok downloader tool. Look for options that offer features like downloading videos without watermarks, compatibility with various devices, and the ability to convert TikTok videos to MP4 format. Leading TikTok downloader tools may also offer extra features like accessing TikTok videos without the app and saving them directly to your device for offline viewing.


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