FastMoss Enhanced Account Flexibility at a Lower Cost

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  • Why are we changing?
  • What’s changing?
  • More value, more flexibility, more features

Since launching FastMoss in 2022, FastMoss has rapidly evolved into a cornerstone tool for TikTok data analysis, boasting a thriving community of over 700,000 users. Our journey began with a commitment to deliver cutting-edge features that empower users to navigate and succeed in the dynamic world of TikTok marketing. We’ve consistently invested in improvements to meet our customers’ evolving needs, and our new pricing reflects the extra value we provide.

These changes will help us keep innovating and improving our support. In short, we’re committed to making FastMoss even more useful for you.



As TikTok continues to grow, so does the diversity of its user base, especially among small and medium-sized sellers who are entering the platform in increasing numbers. Every day, we receive numerous requests for more adaptable subscription options that cater specifically to varying business sizes and needs.

Our users have expressed a strong desire for more flexibility in choosing how many sub-accounts they need, particularly those who find that the standard seven sub-accounts included in our Team version are not tailored to their requirements.

In response to this feedback, we’re evolving our subscription system to introduce more tailored solutions. This change reflects our commitment to meeting the specific needs of our community, ensuring that every type of user, from individual entrepreneurs to growing businesses, can benefit from FastMoss without paying for unnecessary features.



Since FastMoss launched in 2022, it has grown exponentially. Here is a quick look at just some of the things we’ve shipped and changed.

Our new subscription plans—Team, Pro, and Basic—now offer customizable sub-account options. This means you can select exactly how many sub-accounts you need and only pay for what you use. For instance, adding a sub-account to your Team plan will enhance your data export capabilities significantly.

And we’re not stopping anytime soon. We are proud that the data FastMoss provided customer sees tremendous outcome, and we always want our platform to continue delivering outsized value to our customers. Our price change now is to support further development of our product—like more enhanced functionality, scale and reliability, and customer support—for years to come.

Ready to explore the new features? Log in to your FastMoss account now and see the difference!



At FastMoss, our commitment to your success on TikTok has driven us to create more than just a product; we aim to provide a platform that grows with your needs. We’ve adjusted our pricing to better reflect the value of our products, offering more flexible commitment options to give you more choices.

Through these enhancements, FastMoss is set to help you leverage TikTok’s dynamic platform more effectively than ever. Maximize your TikTok marketing by upgrading to our new flexible plans today! We’re here to support your growth on TikTok with smarter analytics, more tailored options, and comprehensive tools that ensure you’re equipped to meet the challenges of today’s digital marketing landscape.


With these changes, FastMoss continues to be a dynamic partner in your social media strategy, now more than ever, tailored to your specific needs and the unique challenges you face in the competitive world of TikTok marketing.

Want to learn more or need help deciding which plan is right for you? Contact our support team now for personalized assistance!